Julian Fischer
Personal Homepage
 - present
   Professor, IST Austria
Research group leader
 - 09/2022
   Assistant Professor (tenure-track), IST Austria
Research group leader
 - 12/2016
   Research Assistant, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig
Research group of Prof. Felix Otto
 - 08/2014
   Research Assistant, University of Zürich
Research group of Prof. Michel Chipot
 - 08/2013
   Research Assistant, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Research group of Prof. Günther Grün

06/2013    PhD in Mathematics
University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
12/2011    Master of Science in Mathematics
University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
11/2010    Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
06/2008    Abitur

Selected Scientific Awards
2020    ERC Starting Grant "Bridging Scales in Random Materials"
Total amount of funding: 1 142 899 €
2020    ÖMG-Förderungspreis
Early/Mid career award of the Austrian Mathematical Society.
2015    Dr. Körper Prize of the GAMM
Award of the GAMM for the four best PhD theses of the past year in the fields of applied mathematics and mechanics.

Invited Talks at Conferences and Workshops
06/2022    Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
University of Münster
05/2022    Unifying concepts in PDEs with randomness
CRM, Montreal
04/2022    Probability/PDE Interactions: Interface Models and Particle Systems
CIRM, Marseille
03/2022    Interacting Particle Systems and Hydrodynamic Limits
CRM, Montreal (hybrid format)
11/2021    New Trends in Geometric PDEs
University of Münster
09/2021    Joint Annual Meeting of the DMV and OeMG
Plenary Lecture (Prize Lecture for ÖMG Award), University of Passau (held online)
09/2021    PDE and Randomness
University of Bath (held online)
07/2021    Geometric and Applied Analysis
HCM Bonn (held online)
07/2021    Advances in Gradient Flows, Kinetic Theory, and Reaction-Diffusion Equations
University of Vienna (held online)
03/2021    Homogenization theory: Periodic and beyond
Oberwolfach (held online)
06/2019    Material Theories, Statistical Mechanics, and Geometric Analysis
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig
03/2019    Interfaces and Instabilities in Fluid Dynamics
Hausdorff Institute for Mathematics, Bonn
09/2018    Workshop Analysis of Evolutionary and Complex Systems
WIAS Berlin
08/2018    Workshop on Homogenization, Optimization, and Related Topics
Tohoku University, Sendai
12/2017    Classical and Quantum Mechanical Models of Many-Particle Systems
07/2017    Workshop on Multiscale Problems and Relaxation in Nonlinear Elasticity
TU Dresden
02/2017    Workshop on Numerical Inverse and Stochastic Homogenization
Hausdorff Institute for Mathematics, Bonn
06/2016    Workshop on Entropy Methods, Dissipative Systems, and Applications
Erwin Schrödinger Institute, Vienna
02/2016    ERC Workshop MoMatFlu
WIAS Berlin
09/2015    Workshop on New Trends in Nonlinear Elliptic Equations
Banff International Research Station
02/2015    Workshop on Gradient Flows and Entropy Methods
HIM Bonn
12/2014    Variational Methods for Evolution
09/2014    Workshop of the GAMM Activity Group on Analysis of PDEs
06/2014    INdAM Meeting Singular and Degenerate Evolution Problems
12/2012    Workshop on Nonlocal Problems
University of Zürich

Invited Seminar and Colloquium Talks
09/2022    Online Seminar "Geometric Analysis"
Univ. Salzburg, Univ. Halle, Univ. Pittsburgh, Univ. Freiburg
11/2021    Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Bonn
SFB seminar
09/2021    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
CNA seminar (via Zoom)
06/2021    Humboldt University, Berlin
Langenbach-Seminar (via Zoom)
05/2020    ShanghaiTech University
PDE Seminar via Zoom
05/2019    University of Münster
Kolloquium Wilhelm Killing
07/2018    University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Tag der Erlanger Mathematik
05/2018    University of Warwick
Probability Seminar
04/2018    Sorbonne Université, Paris
Séminaire du Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
02/2018    Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig
Oberseminar Analysis - Probability
02/2018    CERMICS, École des Ponts
Seminar on Scientific Computing
06/2017    University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Erlangen-Regensburg Seminar on Analysis
02/2017    TU München
Oberseminar Analysis
05/2016    Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague
PDE Seminar
05/2016    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Center for Nonlinear Analysis Seminar
11/2015    University of Heidelberg
Seminar on Applied Analysis
06/2015    TU München
11/2014    University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Kolloquium Angewandte Mathematik
11/2014    WIAS Berlin
10/2014    University of Zürich
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Analysis
06/2014    University of Würzburg
Oberseminar Analysis
12/2013    University of Zürich
Symposium about Mathematics
12/2013    ETH Zürich
Talks in Theoretical Sciences
11/2013    Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Angewandte Analysis
11/2013    University of Regensburg
Oberseminar Analysis

Contributed Talks and Minisymposium Talks at Conferences
03/2022    SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
held online
05/2021    SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Material Science
held online
09/2019    PDE 2019: Partial Differential Equations in Fluids and Solids
WIAS Berlin
07/2019    International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics 2019
07/2019    Equadiff 2019
Leiden University
02/2019    GAMM Annual Meeting
TU Vienna
06/2018    3rd Seminar on the Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials
Bad Honnef
03/2018    GAMM Annual Meeting
TU Munich
09/2017    SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences
University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
08/2017    Reliable Methods of Mathematical Modeling
HU Berlin
07/2017    Equadiff 2017
05/2017    Interpore 2017
09/2016    Workshop of the GAMM Activity Group on Analysis of PDEs
TU Dortmund
05/2016    SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science
04/2016    Berlin-Leipzig Workshop in Analysis and Stochastics
03/2016    Joint Annual Meeting of GAMM and DMV
12/2015    PDE 2015
WIAS Berlin
10/2015    Workshop of the GAMM Activity Group on Analysis of PDEs
University of Kassel
07/2015    Equadiff 2015
Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1
06/2015    Reliable Methods of Mathematical Modeling
University of Zurich
06/2015    13th European Finite Element Fair 2015
Charles University Prague
09/2014    ISIMM STAMM 2014
06/2014    International Symposium on Applied Analysis
University of Zürich
05/2014    8th European Conference on Elliptic and Parabolic Problems
04/2014    Swiss Numerics Day
University of Zürich
03/2014    85th Annual Meeting of GAMM
University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
04/2013    Interfaces and Free Boundaries: Analysis, Control and Simulation
12/2011    FIRST Midterm Conference
University of Bath

Awards and Competitions for School or University Students
2012    Award for an outstanding Master thesis
Fritz and Maria Hofmann Award, Faculty of Sciences, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.
2008-2011    Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation
(Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes)
2010/11    ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
7. Place at the 2011 ICPC World Finals, Orlando; together with Thomas Fersch and Alexander Rass (Team of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)
2008    International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)
Gold Medal and 11. Place
2008    German National Competition in Mathematics
Bundessieger of the 2007 German National Competition in Mathematics (Bundeswettbewerb Mathematik)
2006    German National Competition in Informatics
Bundessieger of the 24. German National Competition in Informatics (Bundeswettbewerb Informatik)